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Zions Bank Community Magazine is an award-winning, regional lifestyles publication focused on travel, health, food, education, local businesses, finance and more. It's sent to more than 50,000 customers six times a year. We invite you to check out the latest issue below.

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November/December 2019

Circulation and Demographics

Community is sent to more than 50,000 of Zions Bank’s top account holders and business clients six times a year and the largest focused demographic of upper-income consumers in the region. At one-fifth the price of other local lifestyles magazines, Community mails five times as many copies to homes and businesses. For advertisers that want better price and better reach, Community is unmatched! The incredible reach of Utah and Idaho homes provides the perfect advertising audience for companies looking for upper-income households.

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To advertise in Community, please contact Arkin Hill at Lumin Publishing at 801-417-3005.