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Foreign Exchange and International Banking

A range of international banking and international treasury management products and services for the increasing opportunities and inherent risks of transacting business worldwide

  • International wire transfers through ZIONSFX® trading platform to quickly send or receive foreign currency payments to and from more than 40 countries
  • Hedging strategies/forward contracts help manage risks and opportunities associated with fluctuating currency values
  • Foreign currency account for a convenient solution if your company regularly receives and sends wire payments in the same foreign currency
  • Foreign drafts offer a convenient and cost-effective method for making a small payment in a foreign currency
  • Foreign check collection
  • Foreign currency banknotes can be purchased or sold at Zions Bank in more than 80 foreign currencies
  • Trade Financing offers a variety of vehicles to help grow your international business while helping to protect against the risks inherent in foreign markets

Learn more about International Banking and Foreign Currency Services from Zions Bank.

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