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ACH and Check Positive Pay

Limit risk and exposure to fraudulent checks and electronic ACH items with control over which checks and ACH items post to your account

What Is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a verification service that helps businesses identify and report fraudulent and unauthorized payments. Zions Bank has Positive Pay services for both checks and ACH.

Positive Pay Features and Benefits

  • Helps stop unauthorized transactions from clearing your account with improved control and security
  • Includes protection against payee alteration
  • Gives tellers access to the most current check information available when cashing items
  • Includes checks issued file upload and ACH filter designation of authorized transactions
  • Accepts virtually any file format
  • Provides for optimum security by layering user permissions and limiting user account access
  • Enables account reconciliation and easy integration into payable systems
  • Lets you retain ownership of users and permissions within your company
  • Saves money by limiting potential losses and legal fees with timely return of unauthorized items

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