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Check and Deposit Images

A feature of Anytime Deposits®

As part of Anytime Deposits® application1, scan and electronically submit checks for deposit. All you need is a PC with Internet connectivity and a certified scanner available from Zions Bank. You get online access to export checks images—including the front and back—in multiple formats.

Check and Deposit Images Benefits and Features

  • Faster access to funds—checks clear the same or next business day—significantly better than the typical 2 to 5 business-day clearing process
  • Eliminate driving to the bank—make deposits after hours and on weekends
  • Reduce research and storage time by using stored digital images
  • Reduced exposure to fraud—identify returned items sooner and enhance the collection process with accelerated check clearing
  • Access data and image exports—including the front and back of scanned items—in multiple formats
  • Get customized data entry fields—enter detailed payment information about each deposited item
  1. Contract and fees may apply. See a financial representative for details.

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