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Employee Management

Help improve employee morale and retention by offering insurance benefits, pretax medical spending accounts and/or retirement accounts*

What are your business goals?

  • To give employees access to a quality banking provider?
  • To improve employee moral by offering a 401(k) plan?
  • To offer a group healthcare plan?
  • To let employees use pretax funds to cover qualified medical expenses?

Whatever your business goal, Zions Bank has the Employee Management solution to benefit your company and your employees, including:

Payroll Services

Zions Bank offers a variety of payroll services solutions to make paying employees virtually hassle-free. Learn more


Access consulting, design, investment and education services from 401(k) specialists and offer your employees a qualified retirement plan. Learn more

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Tax deductible contributions available for qualified medical expenses. Unused funds are portable and roll over year-to-year. Learn more

*Zions Bank affiliate Amegy Investments, Inc.




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