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401(k) Plans

Consulting, design, investment and education services from the 401(k) specialists at Amegy Investments, Inc. for a qualified retirement plan

  • Traditional Plans—Allow for optional contributions at employee and employer levels with employer contributions subject to vesting. Investments directed by employer or employee
  • Safe Harbor Plans—For any company with a wide disparity of employment levels and/or looking to retain key management. Employer contributions are required for all participants and vesting is immediate
  • Profit-Sharing Plans—Funded at the employer’s option. Subject to vesting and can stand alone or as add-ons to Traditional and Safe Harbor 401(k) plans
  • Cross-Tested or New Comparability Profit-Sharing Plans—Perfect as savings vehicles for professional companies, such as doctor and lawyer groups, looking to accelerate retirement benefits
  • Defined Benefit Plans—Also suitable for professional groups looking for more tax-deductible savings over and above 401(k) and normal profit-sharing plans

401(k) and other retirement plan services are offered through Amegy Investments, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, licensed insurance agency and an affiliate of Zions Bank and Amegy Bank N.A.


Investment products available: • NOT FDIC Insured • NO Bank Guarantee • MAY Lose Value

Treasury Management
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