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Reliably make payments, so the work of doing business doesn’t seem like so much work

What are your business goals?

  • To save time and wire money online from the convenience of your computer?
  • To streamline and consolidate your accounts payable process—from origination to reporting?
  • To improve your payables process from payment origination to reconciliation?
  • To see how much time and money your business can save by outsourcing payroll?

Whatever your business goal, Zions Bank has a Disbursement solution to match your payables needs, including:

ACH Disbursement

Easily distribute funds to your own, your vendors’ or your employees’ accounts for payroll and expense reimbursements. Learn more

Commercial Credit Card

Access an all-in-one purchasing, travel and expense card program to consolidate and streamline payables processes while maximizing cash flow. Learn more

Web-Based Wire Origination

Make both domestic and international wire transfers by simple getting online. Learn more

Outsourced Disbursement

Access an automated, customized solution to consolidate payables processed via check, ACH and credit cards—all from a single file upload. Learn more

Payroll Card

Discover an innovative and convenient 100% electronic payroll for your employees. Learn more

FX Disbursements

Access multiple reliable payment options for sending money to more than 60 countries worldwide. Learn more

Controlled Disbursement

Do away with the need to forecast when checks will clear an account to eliminate idle balances and use your funds more efficiently. Learn more




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