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Check Recovery from Fiserv

The quickest, most-effective way to recover funds from bad checks

Check Recovery from Fiserv lets you put an end to time-consuming in-house collection methods at no additional cost to your business. You get 100% of the face value of collected checks. And there are no set-up fees, no equipment to buy, no changes to your existing account and no effort on your part.

Check Recovery from Fiserv Benefits and Features

  • Provided at no cost to your business—has no start-up fees, no software and requires no changes to your existing account
  • Dramatically improve collection rates—Check Recovery can double the recovery rates of in-house collection methods while virtually eliminating the effort required
  • Reduce costs and collect funds faster—Check Recovery lowers labor and operating costs by doing the work for you, giving you time to run your business
  • Recover 100% of the face value of the checks collected
  • Get 24/7 online access to check images and reports—monitor collection activity 24/7 through a web reporting tool and get up-to-the minute status on all your outstanding collection items

Check Recovery Solutions is a service offered by Fiserv. Zions Bank is not affiliated with Fiserv and does not provide, warrant or guaranty Fiserv products or services.

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