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ACH Origination

What is ACH Origination?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination1 lets you initiate electronic transactions through the NACHA network and collect ACH payments from your customers’ accounts to deposit in to your own.

Benefits and Features of ACH Origination with Zions Bank

  • Improves cash flow and simplifies cash-flow forecasting
  • Eliminates mail and check processing float by automatically collecting ACH payments
  • Cuts down on manual operations by reducing time spent tracking and collecting payments
  • Lowers risk by accelerating return item information
  • Monitor daily ACH activity and transfer ACH files online through the Anytime Gateway® service
  • Same-Day ACH: Same-day settlement capability giving businesses an option to send and receive payments faster

Need Help Finding the Right Solutions for Your Business?

Whether you need help getting started with ACH origination or other business financial services, Zions Bank is here to help. To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503.

For more information on ACH origination, view the ACH Origination product sheet.

Want to learn more about ACH disbursements? Visit the ACH Cash Disbursement page.

1. Subject to credit approval and agreement. Fees may apply. See a financial representative for details.

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