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Streamline and centralize your accounts receivable processes with Collections products and services1.

  • Potentially increase sales by accepting all major credit cards and debit cards
  • Make deposits from the convenience of your office
  • Make web-based electronic payments
  • Electronically transfer funds from other financial institutions

Anytime Deposits®

With this check-clearing application1, scan and electronically submit checks for deposit from the convenience of your office using a basic PC with Internet connectivity and a certified scanner available through Zions Bank.

Anytime Payments

Zions Bank’s all-in-one, web-based, electronic payment system can make the billing and collection process faster, more effective or more convenient, allowing you to create and receive electronic payments from a checking, savings, and/ or credit/debit card account. Use for a broad range of transactions, including one-time, check-by-phone, online and recurring payments.

Merchant Services provided by TransFirst®, LLC

A Merchant Services by TransFirst® account provides a way to potentially increase sales by accepting Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover, American Express® Diners Club and JCB cards. Receive timely, automatic credit directly into your deposit account.

ACH Origination

Automated clearing house (ACH) Origination allows you to initiate electronic transactions through the ACH network. Transfer funds from your own accounts or from customers’ accounts.

Retail Lockbox

Help to maximize your business’ profitability with a cost-effective solution that expedites receivables collection and posting processes, including credit card processing. The Retail Lockbox digital processing system is ideal for companies that receive low-dollar/high-volume payments.

Image Lockbox

Help your business reduce collection float, accelerate remittance procedures and simplify accounts receivables processing. With Image Wholesale Lockbox service, reduce your processing costs by outsourcing your accounts receivable processing to Zions Bank.

e-Invoicing and Payments

Provides an all-in-one solution to automate and integrate invoicing and payment acceptance. Helps reduce your receivable cycle and streamline cash flow by sending electronic invoices to your customers. And is a convenient way for your customers to pay for goods and services.
  1. Products and services subject to applicable contracts and credit approval.
    Treasury Management Sales: 801-844-8000 or 888-232-0434
  2. Merchant Services and PayFox® products and services are provided by TransFirst®, LLC. Zions Bank is not affiliated with TransFirst and does not provide, warrant or guaranty TransFirst products or services. Subject to approval by TransFirst, LLC.
Important Details

Accept payments* on your
mobile device with PayFox®2

* Data rates on your mobile device may apply.
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