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Capital Management

Maximize cash management to make extra funds work smarter to meet your investment guidelines and business needs

What are your business goals?

  • To earn interest on excess checking account balances?
  • To reduce interest expense by sweeping excess funds from your checking account to pay down your line of credit?
  • To sell investment properties and acquire like properties, while deferring federal, state and capital gains taxes?
  • To buy, sell and trade securities online?

Whatever your business goal, Zions Bank has multiple Capital Management options to match your investment guidelines, including:

Investment Sweep

Automatically move funds from your checking account to an overnight investment and earn interest. Learn more

Loan Sweep

Automatically transfer funds to pay down outstanding balances or fund a checking account from the loan. Learn more

1031 Exchange

Defer federal—and possibly state—capital gains taxes when changing investment properties. Learn more

Zions Direct

A self-directed brokerage subsidiary that utilizes a unique online auction platform to buy and sell fixed-income securities. Learn more




Treasury Management
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