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Need financing to purchase a home? Or maybe a refinance? A Zions Bank® FlexFive Home Loan can help. There are no closing costs and rates are as low as 3.59% variable APR**, which means you could save money by lowering your mortgage payment, pay off your mortgage sooner or take out cash to pay off high-interest debt.

Rate APR as low as**
Adjustable rate: 240 months, rate reset every 5 years* 3.59%
Adjustable rate: 360 months, rate reset every 5 years* 3.79%
Rates effective as of 04/16/2014

Apply online today or call 800-789-5626 to see how a Zions® FlexFive Loan can benefit you.

Lower Interest Rates

By having your payment automatically deducted from your Zions Bank checking account, qualify for a 0.25% automatic payment discount from already competitive rates (discount is reflected in the rate table above).

No Up-Front Fees

When we say "no fees," we mean it. With a FlexFive Home Loan from Zions Bank avoid paying origination fees, points, closing costs, title insurance fees and appraisal fees**.

Tax Advantages

Use your FlexFive Home Loan to finance something and usually write off 100% of the interest you pay. Consult your tax adviser about tax deductibility.

How Much Can I Get?

The amount of your loan depends on your income and debt levels, your credit history and the property value of your home. The maximum loan-to-value ratio for a FlexFive Home Loan is 80%. To estimate your loan-to-value ratio, simply divide the expected loan amount by the value of your home.

Know Just Where You Stand

Apply for a loan online and check your application status anytime, day or night, with the click of a mouse.

*Advertised APRs are based on auto-pay discount, term of loan, and excellent credit history. Rates subject to change without notice. No points, closing costs or third-party fees. First lien position required. Property values will be determined by lender—any external appraisal requested by borrower will be at the borrower's expense. Limited to owner-occupied property with up to 80% combined loan-to-value. Other plans and APRs are available; restrictions apply.

**APRs are variable and the APR and monthly payment is subject to change every 5 years. At time of adjustments, the rate will not be lower than 3.64% regardless of the fully indexed rate at the adjustment time. Maximum rate is 9.99%. Rate is based on the Five -Year Long- Term Fixed Rate Bullet, Federal Home Loan Bank Seattle (www.fhibsea.com).

Sample Payment Schedule based on a $100,000 loan (samples do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums):

• Variable APR with a 240 month term, initial 60 monthly payments (fixed for the first 5 years) are $584.60 followed by 180 monthly payments of $610.73. (APR and monthly payments subject to change at each 5 year adjustment.)

• Variable APR with a 360 month term, initial 60 monthly payments (fixed for the first 5 years) are of $465.39 followed by 300 monthly payments of $494.28. (APR and monthly payments subject to change at each 5 year adjustment.)
Year Fixed
As low as
Rates as of   04/15/2014
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