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Zions® Express Check-Cashing Service


The Zions® Express system is a check-cashing system that lets you cash payroll and government-issued checks—even if you don’t have an account at Zions Bank1.

Simply go to any of the 20 participating Zions Bank® Zions Express locations with two forms of ID*. The teller will take your contact information and verify your employment if cashing a payroll check.

Included at No charge for Zions Bank Clients

If you already have a Zions Bank account or if your employer uses Zions Bank for your paychecks, there’s no charge to cash your check2. (Ask your employer which bank handles its payroll.) Get the full amount of your paycheck—there are no fees to cash your check at Zions.

If you don’t have a Zions Bank account, Zions Bank charges just 1.5% of the check amount to cash the check for you. Open an account with Zions and have your check cashed at no cost!


Zions Express is a great benefit for your employees. Let employees keep their hard-earned paycheck instead of giving a percentage to a check cashing vendor?

If your payroll accounts are with Zions Bank, employees can cash payroll checks at no charge. Simply have them come in and sign up for the Zions Express service.

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*Most common forms of ID, include a Utah driver’s license, Utah driving privilege card, Mexican matricula consular card, passport, temporary driver’s license and US military ID. Secondary forms of ID include major credit cards, maestro cards, debit cards, Mexican voter registration card, in-state student ID and resident alien ID. Your paystub, if issued within the past 30 days, can also be used as a secondary form of ID.

Important Details
1. Eligible checks to cash using Zions Express include preprinted government and paychecks (not hand-written or typed) with the maker's name, address, payee name and amount, and with a check number greater than 300 and no more than 3 weeks old. No personal or hand-written checks will be accepted. The amount of the check must be less than or equal to $2,000.
2. Zions Express check-cashing service is included at no cost for all Zions Bank account holders. Non-Zions Bank account holders pay a fee of 1.5% of the check's face value. For example, for a check written for $500, the cashing fee would be $7.50.

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