Retirement Resources

Strengthen your knowledge in charting your path

Zions Bank Retirement Resources

Zions Bank has been in the business of providing financial guidance for more than 135 years. We are pleased to announce a new service called Zions Bank Retirement Resources. This new service provides you with information at your fingertips on a variety of retirement considerations, such as wills, trusts, 401k’s, IRAs and a host of other important topics.

Retirement Resources will provide you an overview on many retirement subjects and alert you to avenues that will strengthen your knowledge and motivate you to chart your path. Zions’ primary goal is to raise your awareness as to your personal financial planning and decision making.

Should you have any questions about your retirement options, please call us at 877-594-1031.

For information on benefits and services including Social Security, Medicare, and US Passports, the US Government has set up an information phone line for this purpose, 1-800-333-4636.

The Retirement Resources Inventory is a detailed checklist of personal items and documents that are necessary when planning for your retirement. The checklist is a tool that can be used when organizing financial matters so that all of your financial information is documented in one place for ease and accessibility.

Retirement Resources Seminar Schedule

More seminars will be scheduled soon. Please visit us again.

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