Storing checks the easy way

Zions Bank Checking

Zions Bank processed checks are returned as a reddiCheck document, the most convenient way to view and store checks. Now you can get rid of the shoeboxes and start storing checks the easy way.*

What is reddiCheck?

reddiCheck is an imaged reproduction of your actual checks. They are accepted as permanent records for proof of payment by the IRS and in a court of law.

Check Sequencing

Your checks will be sorted sequentially by check number beginning with the lowest check number.

Quick reference information

Three sets of numbers below each check indicate the transaction's processing date, the check's amount, and the check number.

Convenient Storage

Every month, your imaged checks will be delivered on convenient, three-hole punched page. You can purchase a special Zions Bank 3-ring binder separately for only $3.00 (a $5.00 value). The binder comes with monthly tabs to help you organize your statements and track your tax deductions. They are available for purchase at any Zions Bank Financial Center.

View checks online

Can't wait for your statement to see a copy of a check? You can view a copy of any processed check instantly online, at no additional cost for non-business accounts.

Obtaining copies

If you ever need to review individual copies of your processed checks, just visit your nearest Zions Financial Center and request a print-out.

For more information about reddiCheck, check out our frequently asked questions, or call customer service at 1-800-974-8800.


*Basic Checking, Student Checking or High Yield Checking customers will not receive reddiCheck documents, but will maintain their Check Safekeeping feature.

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