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Online Wire Transfer Services

Request a wire transfer at any time and from anywhere

Now you can combine the efficiency of a wire transfer with the convenience of personal or business Online Banking. With Online Wires you can initiate, schedule, and check the status of wire transfers all from the convenience of your computer.

You can enroll in Online Wires electronically within Personal Online Banking or you can download the Wire Application and Agreement for Online Banking and submit the completed form during your next visit to the bank. Or, mail the completed and notarized form to the address provided in the form. View the Online Wire Reference Guide.

Download the Personal Wires Application and Agreement Form

Download the Business Wires Application and Agreement Form

Online Wires Features

Online Wires lets you enjoy more flexibility than in-person transactions.

  • Schedule transfers after hours for processing the next business day
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Transfer limit of $50,000 per day
  • Option to set lower limits
  • Recurring payments capability
  • Ability to create reusable templates
  • 24/7 status updates

Security features include:

  • Login authentication using Online Banking credentials
  • Either Dual Authorization (for business customers) or Enhanced Account Protection (EAP, for consumers or business) for additional authentication. As always, we recommend installing IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport® software. Available for free download directly from IBM Security.

Wires Agreements

Even if you already have a Wires Agreement in place with Zions Bank, you'll still need to submit a new Wire Application for Online Banking. The application can be completed in the following ways:

  • Electronically using the eSignature feature within Online Banking for Personal Online Banking
  • Completing the paper application and taking it to your local Financial Center
  • Or, by mailing the completed and notarized application to the address provided in the form

If you still have questions about online wires, then please review the frequently asked questions below or contact a Zions Bank representative by phone at 800-840-4999 (Mon. to Sat. from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. MT.).

Additional Wire Transfer Options

Learn how to initiate and receive telephone and in-person wires. See Wire Transfer Services.


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  1. Who can make a wire transfer through Online Banking?

    Wire transfer payments in Online Banking are available to both consumers and small business banking customers.

  2. How do I enable the Wire Transfers service in Online Banking?

    To enable wire transfers in Online Banking, you will need to complete the Online Wires Application. This can be done electronically within Online Banking for Personal Online Banking clients or you can download and complete the "Wire Application and agreement for Online Banking" and take it to any of our Financial Centers. This is a separate agreement specifically for Online Banking Wires. You can also sign the form in front of a notary and mail it to the following address:

    Online Banking Wire Operations
    PO Box 25726
    Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0726

  3. Where can I find the Wire Application and Agreement for Online Banking?

    The agreement can be found in Online Banking. Look under the Payments tab, then click on the Wire Application link. Or, look under the Services tab in the Account Services section. The Wire Application for Online Banking is also located in the Agreement Center of the bank web site.

  4. What is Enhanced Account Protection (EAP), who must use it, and why is it needed?

    To use the Online Banking wires service, you must enroll in Enhanced Account Protection (1) if you are a business that does not use Dual Authorization, or (2) if you are a consumer. EAP is a free internal security tool for wire transfers and certain other types of Online Banking transactions. When your account is first enabled for wire transfers, you will be prompted to enroll in EAP the next time you login to Online Banking (unless you are a business with Dual Authorization).

  5. Do Business Online Banking customers have the option of using Dual Authorization?

    Business Online Banking customers have the option of using Dual Authorization instead of EAP. Dual Authorization requires two individuals to complete a transaction as an internal security tool for business accounts.

  6. What types of wire transfers can I make through Online Banking?

    Domestic wire transfers (i.e., wires that are sent from one location within the United States (US) to a different location in the US) are available in Online Banking. To make an International (outside the United States) wire transfer, you need to visit a Financial Center or call the Central Wires department. To call Central Wires, you will need to have a Wire Transfer Agreement already in place.

  7. Can I make a Federal Tax Wire Payment through Online Banking?

    Transmission of Federal Tax Wire Payments is not permitted through Online Banking. To make a Federal Wires payment, you need to visit a Financial Center or call our Central Wires department. Business customers have the option to enroll in ACH Direct Deposit and Tax Payments as an alternative method of payment.

  8. When will I have access to send a wire in Online Banking?

    Once the bank has received your “Wire Application for Online Banking” form, allow 3 business days for processing. Once processing is completed, you will have access to the wires functionality within Online Banking. All Online Banking wires are subject to the terms and conditions attached to that Wire Application.

  9. How many wire transfers can I make in Online Banking?

    There is no limit to the number of wires you can make through Online Banking.

  10. What is the amount I can wire in Online Banking?

    You can transfer up to $50,000 per day through Online Banking. If you need to transfer more, you need to visit a Financial Center or call our Central Wires department to complete the transaction.

  11. Can I set a lower Online Banking transfer limit?

    The default transfer limit is $50,000 per transaction, and $50,000 total per day, but you have the option to set lower limits. To do this, simply specify a lower limit when completing your “Wire Application for Online Banking.” A new Wire Application is needed if you wish to change an existing limit.

  12. What is the fee to process an Online Banking wire transfer?

    The standard wire transfer fee that has been disclosed to you in connection with the deposit account you will be using will also apply to wires transfers made using Online Banking. (Note: lower fees or fee waivers applicable to certain accounts or relationships may not apply to wires originated through Online Banking.) See the Zions Bank Interest and Service Fees document for additional information.

  13. Where can I find the wires functionality in Online Banking?

    Wire transfer functionality can be found in Online Banking under the Payments tab. If this functionality is not enabled, you will see a Wire Application link under the Tab menu.

  14. What if I already have an agreement in place with the Bank for sending wires by other means (e.g., by calling the Central Wires department)?

    An existing agreement for sending wires by means other (e.g. calling Central Wires) will remain in place for those wires, but the Wire Agreement for Online Banking will govern any wires you send via Online Banking. To enable the wire functionality in Online Banking, you will need to download and complete the Wire Application for Online Banking. Then, submit by mail or take it to any of our convenient Financial Centers.


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