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Surcharge-free ATM network


Find freedom from surcharges with MoneyPass. The MoneyPass ATM network has thousands of convenient locations coast to coast, giving you more choices for accessing your accounts, and all are surcharge-free. This means you can use your Zions Bank ATM or Check card at all non-Zions locations which display the MoneyPass logo, and you won't be charged a surcharge fee by that bank. In addition, Zions will also waive ATM transaction fees whenever a MoneyPass ATM is used.

So whether you keep your travels close to home or hit the road often, look for the MoneyPass logo to avoid surcharges. You can find the MoneyPass ATM location nearest you at Simply use your Zions Bank ATM or check card or apply for one today, and say goodbye to ATM surcharges.


MoneyPass® is a registered trademark of Genpass, Inc. and Zions Bank does not claim any ownership or exclusive rights to the use of this trademark.

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