Personal Unsecured Loan

Whatever you need a personal unsecured loan for, whether it's car repairs, home improvements, consolidating debt, or unexpected medical or personal expenses, a Personal Unsecured Loan[cite::96::cite] from Zions Bank lets you borrow without collateral. Your minimum loan amount is $2,500 with the total amount based on your income and ability to repay. Plus, when you apply for a loan online, you can check your application status anytime.

Lower Your Interest Rate

Sign up for automatic payments from a Zions Bank® deposit account to receive a .25% rate reduction. 

Loan Benefits

When you apply for a Personal Unsecured Loan with us, you're eligible for all of the following benefits.

  • Enjoy predictable payments
  • Get a fixed rate
  • Enjoy the advantage of no collateral being required
  • Access your account information through Zions Bank Online Banking
  • Borrow as little as $2,500
  • Access flexible short-term options

Get a .25% Rate Discount with Automatic Payments from a Zions Bank Deposit Account