Deposit up to 15 checks, 50 bills or withdraw cash.

Make a Deposit

It's easy! On the Branch and ATM locator, just enter the address, ZIP, or other information about the branch you're looking for, then click "Narrow Your Search." Select "Express Deposit" and then click the magnifying glass to find location details.

  • Deposit cash — up to 50 bills at once, no envelope
  • Deposit checks in a stack of up to 15 at a time — no envelope, no waiting
  • Withdraw cash from your accounts (ATM withdrawal limited to $500.00 per day)
  • See account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make a credit card payment
  • Change your PIN

Added Benefits

  • Checks deposited by 8:00 p.m. are credited to your account the next business day!*
  • Make up to $100,000 in deposits per transaction.
  • An ideal solution for multiple checks and larger deposits.

More Ways to Make Deposits

Deposit checks or cash at any Zions Bank branch location. Or deposit checks using Mobile Check Deposit. It lets you snap a picture of your check and deposit the check using your phone. It’s ideal for individual checks and smaller deposits ($2,500 daily /$5,000 every 30 days for personal accounts open more than 60 days and $7,500 daily/$15,000 for business accounts).

Learn more about Express Deposit ATMs.


*Funds may not always be available for withdrawal the following business day. See your Zions Bank Deposit Agreement for more information on the bank’s funds availability policy.


Fast Cash Where You Are

All Zions Bank ATMS are cash-ready. And cash-only ATMS are located where you need them most, including:

  • Throughout City Creek Center in Salt Lake
  • Rio Tinto Stadium — home of Real Salt Lake
  • Smith’s Ballpark — home of the Salt Lake Bees
  • Local universities and college bookstores

Mobile ATM Van

Look for the Zions Bank mobile ATM van at events, such as arts festivals, concerts, and local fairs, and get cash on wheels where you are!