Need to settle up with your dog-walker, split the check, or pay back a friend for amazing concert tickets? Send and receive money from friends, family, and people you know and trust[cite::4124::cite] with Zelle. Zelle is available in Online Banking and Mobile Banking, and you can easily send and receive money.

Easy to Set Up

Go to Online Banking and select Send Money to access Zelle from the Payments menu. For Mobile Banking, tap the Plus (+) button in the center > Send Money. Friends and family can access Zelle from their bank (if applicable) or the Zelle app. 

how it works

Once you’ve enrolled, you can send or request money from your contacts[cite::4124::cite]. Recipients will typically receive their money in minutes[cite::4127::cite]. If they aren't yet enrolled in Zelle, they'll receive a text message or email notifying them you’ve sent them money. They can enroll with Zelle through their bank or the Zelle app.

Features and Benefits

  • Access and use Zelle within Mobile Banking and Online Banking
  • Enroll with Zelle once where your money already resides
  • Easily send money with a few simple fields to fill out
  • Stop writing checks, going to the ATM, or carrying extra cash
  • Split expenses like rent, concert tickets, dinner, or gifts easily
  • Handle recurring expenses like allowance
  • Send money to your friends without touching your wallet

important details: transaction limits

  • Per Transaction: $1,500
  • 30 Day Rolling: $3,000
  • Outstanding: $3,000