An overdraft happens when you don’t have enough money in your account to pay for a transaction you’ve already made. Essentially, you go over your account balance or bounce a check and this can result in transactions being declined and/or returned.

Why It's Important

Going over your account balance or bouncing a check can result in transactions being declined and/or returned, but also your account can be charged Insufficient Funds and daily Overdraft fees for check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, and other electronic transactions. See our Personal Accounts Schedule of Fees page for details.

Overdraft Protection Options

Zions Bank® offers Overdraft Protection options to help you prevent overdrafts. 

  • Overdraft Deposit Transfer Service[cite::331::cite] — Link a coverage account (Zions Bank savings, money market, or secondary checking account) to your primary checking account and available funds are automatically transferred to prevent overdrafts if the balance on your primary checking account is too low.
  • Check Reserve Credit Line[cite::332::cite] — Apply for an overdraft line of credit, and the line of credit automatically transfers available funds to cover overdrafts on your primary checking account.