Military Employment and Military Internships

Zions Bank is a founding member and executive board member of the Utah Veterans and Military Employment Coalition.

About the Utah Veterans and Military Employment Coalition

The Coalition is a network of more than 1,000 service providers and employers that coordinate and collaborate to secure meaningful employment for service members and their families. The Coalition has conducted more than 15 job fairs attended by almost 1,500 employers and more than 5,000 service members.

Military Internships

Zions Bank offers a 12–week paid internship program for service members and veterans. As of 2017, 80 service members had participated in the program. And 74 had obtained full-time employment with Zions Bank or an affiliated organization. Three returned to school for advanced degrees and one was redeployed.

Learn more about Military Internships at Zions Bank.

Military Employment

Zions Bank employs a dedicated recruiter that specializes in the recruitment and placement of service members and veterans.

Find Opportunities at Zions Bank

Veterans and active guard/reserve members can find available job openings and internships and apply by selecting Job Search and entering “military” in the keyword search field.

Military Interns by the Numbers

Interns as of 2017: 80 
Interns employed full-time: 74
Interns returning to school: 3
Interns redeployed: 1

In Appreciation

From earning to spending to protecting your finances, Zions Bank is proud to support the men and women who serve the nation.

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