Zions Bank® Donation Policy

Zions Bank has a long-standing tradition of serving the communities in which it operates. We are committed to supporting organizations that provide needed services to the residents and communities throughout our market area. As stated in our Guiding Principles, our goal is to be actively involved in our communities and do our part to enhance and improve the quality of life for our customers and employees. 

Charitable Giving Policy

Zions Bank is committed to charitable giving, with focus on the following areas:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Service
  • Diversity
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health and Human Services

Organizations seeking funds from Zions Bank usually meet the following criteria:

  • Designated as a 501c (3) by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Operates within the communities served by Zions Bank (Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming)

Requesting a Donation from Zions Bank

All contribution requests must be submitted via mail or email and include the following:

  • A brief description of the organization, including its mission and accomplishments.
  • The purpose and description for which the request is being made.
  • The dollar amount requested as well as other possible contribution levels.
  • The budget for the event or program that the fund request will go towards.
  • A copy of the organization’s tax-exempt notification letter or nonprofit designation as a government or tribal entity, as well as the Tax Identification Number (TIN).

With few exceptions, Zions Bank does not make charitable donations to or for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Travel and related expenses, including student trips
  • Start-up funding for new organizations or small businesses
  • For-profit entities
  • Programs designed solely for religious purposes
  • Organizations or programs outside the communities in which Zions Bank operates
  • Pageant participation, such as beauty, rodeo queens, etc.
  • Political campaigns or political parties
  • Scholarships for higher education (handled separately)
Please email requests/proposals to:
For questions, please contact:

Hannah Williams
Community Affairs Administrator


Robert Rendon
Director of Community Engagement
and Responsibility


Tips for Grant Seekers

  • Zions Bank only reviews one request per nonprofit per year. The fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31.
  • If the request is for an event (e.g. gala, race, golf tournament) nonprofits should apply at least 60 days in advance.  This provides Zions Bank with sufficient time to process the check, fill the table(s), and provide the nonprofit with any additional items, such as sponsorship benefits.
  • Event requests should also include a list of the different donation levels with the corresponding sponsorship benefits in their application.

approved applicants

We believe that giving local employees the authority to determine donation distributions creates value for communities.

application process

Nonprofits will receive an email or phone call from their Regional Giving Committee President regarding the status of their request. If approved funding, nonprofits must submit a/an:

  • Invoice
  • W-9
  • Charitable Contribution Acknowledgement Form