Military Employment and Internships

Zions Bank wants to do more than thank you for your service, we want you to join our team. We know veterans bring skills and attitudes that can be utilized by civilian employers and want you to apply to our organization.


Zions Bank offers a paid internship program for service members and veterans. Many go on to obtain full-time employment with Zions Bank or an affiliated organization.


Zions Bank has a dedicated team of recruiters to help you navigate career opportunities unique to your skillset.

Zions Bank Supports Employees Currently Serving:

Furlough Programs

Zions Bank was one of the first banks in the country to offer a Military Assistance Furlough program to help minimize the financial impact of the federal sequestration on guardsmen, reservists and Department of Defense (DOD) civilians. Zions Bank modified existing loan and credit card terms for current clients and created a process to expedite the credit approval process for both new and existing clients.

Company Military Pay

Currently serving employees will receive 15 days of Company Military Pay each year for the purpose of military service. Zions Bank proudly supports its weekend warriors and those called up to active duty.

Differential Pay

Employees who receive an order to serve lasting 30 days or more will be paid differential pay, the difference between their regular salary and their base military pay for up to two years. Zions Bank believes that serving our nation should not be a financial burden to our military servicemembers.

Zions Bank is Proud to Host Its Own Military Community

Zions Bank Military Forum
  • Zions Bank holds regular forums for all current servicemembers, veterans, and allies to come together and talk about issues both in and out of the bank that affect the military community.
Executive Sponsership
  • Zions Bank’s Military Relations efforts have a designated executive sponsor who acts as an advocate for current and former servicemembers employed at Zions Bank.

In Appreciation

From earning to spending to helping protect your finances, Zions Bank is proud to support the men and women who serve the nation.

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