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  1. How does Zions Express work?

    Zions Express uses biometrics - unique physical or behavioral characteristics of an individual. Because biometrics are bound to a specific person, they cannot be shared, lost, stolen, re-created or forgotten, and they provide the highest level of security available. During the finger-scanning enrollment process, your finger will be assigned a number corresponding to random points on the finger. The number, not the scan, will be saved in the system and used to identify you. Each time you use your finger to cash a check, the system compares the algorithm to verify the match. During enrollment, both right and left index fingers will be scanned into the system, so if you have a cut or a bandage on one finger, you can use the other finger.

  2. What are the acceptable forms of identification required to enroll in Zions Express?

    While two forms of ID are required to open a checking or savings account, only one form of ID is needed to enroll in Zions Express. Acceptable forms of ID include: a U.S. driver's license, Utah driving privilege card, Mexican matricula consular card, passport, INS card, temporary driver license, and U.S. military ID.

  3. Are fingerprints shared with the government or immigration officials?

    Zions Bank values the trust of our clients and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of their personal financial information. Biometric fingerprint data is stored in a high-security database managed by Pay By Touch®, a third-party vendor that is bound by contract to adhere to legal requirements outlined in Zions Bank's Customer Privacy Notice. Zions Bank complies with applicable state laws before sharing non-public personal information about clients. Zions Bank may disclose information about customers as required by law in accordance with legal process, such as subpoenas and court orders. Please see our Privacy Notice and our Online Privacy Statement.

  4. Can checks be cashed for at no cost?

    If you already have a Zions Bank account of any kind or if your employer uses Zions Bank for your paychecks, the service is included at no cost. (Ask your employer what bank handles their payroll.) If you open an account with Zions Bank, the service is included at no cost. If you don't have an account with Zions, the bank charges a competitive rate of 1.5 percent of the check's amount.

  5. What kind of checks can be cashed using Zions Express?

    Eligible checks to cash using Zions Express include pre-printed government checks and printed paychecks (not hand-written or typed) with the maker's name and address, payee name and amount, and with a check number greater than 300 and no more than three weeks old. No personal or hand-written checks will be accepted. The amount of the check must be less than or equal to $800.

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