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Let Us Help You Prepare For College

Smart Money Tips Every Freshman Should Know


Hosted by Ann House, Coordinator of the Personal Money Management Center, this 45-minute webinar will cover a variety of topics designed to educate you on preparing your personal finances as you enter college.

We know the decision to attend college is exciting but it can also be overwhelming, especially when you hear the statistics about student loan debt. As a college student you will be making many financial decisions ranging from handling a couple of bucks to spending thousands. But when you know how to manage your money you will be better prepared to successfully meet your school and career goals.

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Ann House is the Coordinator of the Personal Money Management Center, a resource for students at the University of Utah. She is a certified personal financial educator and counselor. She is a published author and has received numerous state and national awards. Ann serves the community through many partnerships and sits on the boards of numerous organizations.


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