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Create A Strong Password

Keep your information safe


The following tips could help significantly to increase password strength.

  • Passwords should be at least eight characters whenever possible (eg. iluvhockey)
  • Add a number within your password (eg. bigbird29)
  • Use symbols or add upper and lower case characters (eg. $even53 ($=S) or Seven53)
  • Combine easy to remember words (eg. Black21dog)
  • Do not increment passwords each month (eg. 1st month = Black21dog, 2nd month = Black22dog, etc.)

Using these techniques could increase your password strength exponentially and help ensure that hackers can't use a "dictionary attack" to guess your password.

  • Don't base your password on easily guessed personal data such as children's or pets' names, important dates, or hobbies.
  • Never, ever write down a password.
  • Don't provide your computer password over the phone, even to someone claiming to be from the bank.
  • Don't share your password with co-workers.
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