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IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport

Help protect your browser from financial malware attacks and fraudulent web sites
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With online fraud, sometimes antivirus and firewall protection aren't enough. Criminals are always finding ways to get past these, which can put you at risk.

To help you protect yourself online, Zions Bank has arranged for you to download IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport, directly from the financial security experts at IBM Security—at no cost!

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How IBM Security Trusteer Rapport Helps Protect You

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport helps protect web communications, such as between banks and customers, with:

  • Multilayered protection to help protect your computer from malware infections and phishing attacks
  • Protection of web browser sessions to help prevent your transactions from being tampered with
  • Defenses against identity fraud that help safeguard your personal information
  • Prevention of known malware infections—and removal of existing known malware—for a safer Online Banking experience
  • Protections against phishing that help keep your login credentials and payment card data private

Trusteer Rapport doesn’t replace antivirus, antispyware, firewall or other protection software—software that blocks known attacks, but may not keep up with new ones. Instead, Trusteer Rapport picks up where these protection software might fail.

Trusteer Rapport doesn’t change the way you work or log in. It automatically helps protect, and you can easily configure it to help protect other web sites that use private or personal information too.

More About IBM Security Trusteer Rapport Software

Please Note: By downloading and installing IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, you agree with all IBM Security’s terms and conditions. Zions Bank and other members of the Zions Bancorporation family of companies are not associated with IBM and are not responsible for and do not guarantee the content, services or operation of Trusteer Rapport. All problems, questions or concerns regarding IBM Security Trusteer Rapport should be directed to

IBM® and Trusteer Rapport are trademarks or registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.


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