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General myPHOTOcard® FAQs

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  1. Who's eligible for myPHOTOcard®?

    Clients with a Zions Bank® debit card, credit card, business debit card and/or a business credit card are eligible for myPHOTOcard. To use myPHOTOcard, clients need to be enrolled in Online Banking. The primary account owner as well as any authorized users on the account can customize his/her card.

  2. Does the image I want to use need approved?

    Once submitted, every image is reviewed by Zions Bank to ensure it adheres to the myPHOTOcard image guidelines. Guidelines can be found within the myPHOTOcard site.

  3. What types of images are acceptable?

    See the image guidelines within the myPHOTOcard site to find criteria for acceptable photos.

    Zions Bank reserves the right to reject any image that violates the image guidelines. If an image is rejected, you’ll be notified by email within 2 business days. You can submit a new image for review any time after that.

  4. How much does using myPHOTOcard cost?

    The first card for both the primary account owner and first authorized user has no cost. Each additional card is $4.95, which will be deducted from the checking account linked to the debit card where applicable. For credit cards, the fee will be charged to the credit card.

  5. What happens when my debit or credit card expires?

    Upon expiration of your card, a new card will be sent with the same image as your most recent card.

  6. What if I upgrade or change the type of credit card?

    If you change credit card types (AmaZing Rewards, AmaZing Rate, etc.), your image will be transferred to your new card type.

  7. How long will it take to receive myPHOTOcard?

    After your request has been submitted and approved by Zions Bank, your card will be mailed to you within 3 to 5 business days.

  8. What if my card is lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost or stolen, please call Zions Bank immediately, so that your card can be canceled and replaced. Your new card will have the same image as your previous card. To report a lost or stolen credit or debit card, please call 888-758-5349.

  9. Will my existing card work until my new myPHOTOcard arrives?

    Yes, your existing card will continue to work until you activate your new card. Please destroy your old card once the new card has been activated.

  10. Will any financial or personal information be transferred to the design service?

    No. None of your financial or personal information is shared with the myPHOTOcard design service.

  11. How many times can I change the image on my card?

    You can change your existing card for either the primary account owner or first authorized user as often as you like. The first image for the primary account owner and first authorized user has no cost. Any additional image or image change costs $4.95 for each image change, which will be deducted from the checking account linked to the debit card where applicable. For credit cards, the fee will be charged to the credit card.

  12. How do I design my card?

    Card customization is easy. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Log in to Online Banking.
    2. Click on the Services tab and select myPHOTOcard from the Card Services menu.
    3. Select the credit or debit card you’d like to customize.
    4. Upload the photo you’d like to use or select one from the gallery.
    5. Customize the look of your card by enlarging, cropping, rotating or adding a border.
    6. Click “Submit” once you’re satisfied with the look of your card.
    7. Your myPHOTOcard will arrive in 3 to 5 business days.
  13. What are the format and size requirements for photos?

    Your photo needs to be a .jpg, .gif, .tiff or .bmp format. The image size should ideally be at least 840 x 840 pixels and the file between 50KB and 10MB in size.

myPHOTOcard for Business FAQs

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  1. Can I customize my business credit or debit card?

    Yes. Business cards can be customized using myPHOTOcard®. You simply need to be enrolled in Business Online Banking. Note that only an account owner who has access as a Customer System Administrator (CSA) within Business Online Banking can submit an image and request business cards.

  2. Can I have a different image on all of my business cards?

    No. Each time a new image is uploaded and submitted, all cards linked to that business account will be reissued with the new image.

  3. How much does it cost to customize my business card?

    There’s no fee for the first request to issue cardholders a customized myPHOTOcard business card. After that, a per-card fee of $4.95 will be charged to the related business account.

  4. Can I use my company logo or other copyrighted picture?

    Yes. You can upload your company logo onto the card as long as:

    • The image or logo submitted was created by you
    • You’re the owner of the image
    • You’ve obtained express written consent from the owner of the image for Zions Bank to alter, copy, print, distribute, prepare and use the image on your business cards

    For details, please see the Terms & Conditions on the myPHOTOcard site.

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If you’d like additional information about myPHOTOcard, simply call 888-758-5349.


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