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  1. What are MyAlerts?

    Ever wish you could receive an e-mail notification whenever your account balance dips below a certain amount? How about getting a reminder of an important event or date? With MyAlerts you can!

    Sign up for MyAlerts and receive an e-mail notification with alerts about the following:

    • Account Balance over/under threshold amount — Get an email notification when your checking account dips below or above any specified amount.
    • Periodic balance — Receive an email with your account balance every day, every other day, every Tuesday or every month. Setup is easy. And you decide when and how often to receive alerts.
    • Failed/disallowed Transfer — Get an email alert when a transfer fails or isn’t allowed.
    • Transactions not approved by send date — Receive an alert when a transaction isn’t approved by your selected date.
    • Successful transfer — Receive an alert when transactions are successful—either payments or deposits.
    • Personal reminders — Set up MyAlerts to remind you, via an e-mail, of any important date—a meeting, an anniversary, a birthday, anything.
  2. What e-mail software do I need?

    Use virtually any email software or service to receive MyAlerts notifications. Change your MyAlerts email address whenever you like.

  3. How do I enroll in MyAlerts?

    If you’re enrolled in Online Banking, sign up for MyAlerts during your next session. Sign up by logging in now. Once logged in:

    • Select “Alerts & Messages” under “Home.”
    • Select “Manage Account Alerts.”
    • Choose one or more alerts to create from the “Create New Alert” dropdown.
    • Select the options you want on the Create Alert window.
    • Click “Submit.”

New to Online Banking?

To sign up for MyAlerts, first enroll in Online Banking or contact an Online Banking representative at 800-840-4999 for help.

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