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Video shows how to help protect your business from fraud

Fraud comes at your business from any number of sources.

The solution: a layer of safeguards that include strong tools, best practices and support. Combined, these create the Layered Defense Approach for cyber security and help protect your business from fraud.

Reduce your companys risk of business fraud, Layered Defense Approach
The Layered Defense Approach
Help protect your organization against fraud from multiple angles with the Layered Defense Approach.
Protect against business fraud by using best fraud defense practices
Best Practices for Fighting Fraud
As part of the Layered Defense Approach, follow best practices to help protect your business from fraud—from the inside and out.
IBM Trusteer provides tools that help fight business fraud
Tools to Fight Fraud
Access tools to help address the risks of fraud and better protect your company and its assets.

Learn More About Today’s Fraud Landscape

Discover common types of fraud, their costs and scope and why you need the Layered Defense Approach.

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