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eDocuments FAQs

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  1. How does the eDocuments system work?

    Zions Bank will notify you by email when an eDocument (also known as eStatement, eNotice or eTax Document) is posted to your Online Banking account. This will happen when you normally receive a paper statement, notice or tax document. When the notification arrives in your email box, simply:

    • Log in to Online Banking
    • Visit the eDocuments link to find your eDocument; your eStatement, eNotice and/or eTax document

    You can save a PDF version of your eDocument to your hard drive if you want or print a copy. Electronic copies of your eStatements and eNotices will be available in Online Banking for a rolling 18 months. eTax Documents will be available for the previous 3 tax years.

  2. Do I have to sign up for Online Banking in order to use the eDocuments service?

    Yes. This feature is only available through Online Banking service for personal and business customers enrolled in Online Banking.

  3. How do I enroll in eDocuments and stop receiving paper documents?
    • Log in to Online Banking
    • Select eDocuments from under the Account tab
    • Choose My eDocument Preferences from the eDocuments menu
    • Check the box next to the service(s) you want to opt in to:
      • Tax Documents
      • eStatements/eNotices
    • For eStatements/eNotices, select the eligible accounts you want to receive eDocuments for
    • For eTax Documents, all eligible accounts reported under your tax identification number will be opted in when you check the opt in box
  4. What is the difference between an eStatement and the "Account Activity" information available in Online Banking?

    The Account Activity screen shows all completed and pending transactions for the last 30 days (you can also choose to have it show transactions for another specified period).

    eStatements are electronic versions of the monthly paper statements you receive if not opted in to eStatements. eStatements include transactions from a set period of time (a statement cycle) and don’t include pending transactions.

  5. Will my eStatement/eNotice look the same as my printed document?

    Yes. The printed version of an online statement/notice looks the same as a paper statement/notice.

  6. Will I still get images of my canceled checks with eStatements?

    If you receive images of your canceled checks today, you’ll receive them in your eStatements. In addition, you can access images of recent checks through Online Banking.

  7. If I choose to receive an eStatements, eNotices or eTax Document will I still receive a paper copy?

    When you enroll in the eStatements, eNotices or eTax Documents service, you will not receive paper copies of your statements, notices and tax documents. You can change your mind at any time and resume receiving paper copies by calling Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999 Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  8. What if I can't open the eDocument?

    eDocuments are posted to Online Banking in PDF format. To view PDF documents, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat® Reader. This free software is available for download. For other technical issues, please call Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999.

  9. What notices are available online?

    The following notices are available through the eNotices service. You’ll be notified by email when a notice is generated.

    • NSF Notice - Non-Sufficient Funds Notice
    • Cash Advance Notice
    • Commercial Loan Statement
    • Reddi-Credit Coupon
    • DDA Sweep Statement-Collection Statement
    • DDA Sweep Repurchase Confirmation
    • Overdrawn Letter
    • Home Equity Credit Line Statement
    • CD Interest Credited
    • Renewed Certificate of Deposit Notice
    • CD Certificate Renewal Notice
    • CD Advice of Credit
    • CD Retirement Plan Renewal Notice
    • Consumer Loan Statement
    • DDA Dormant Letter
    • IRA Statement-Annual/Yearly
    • Loan Payment Billing Statement
    • Final Loan Payment Billing Statement

eTax Documents FAQs

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  1. What Tax Documents are available online?1
    • 1098   Mortgage Statements for select mortgage loans. (For example, tax documents for Zions Bank home loans that are viewable in your Online Banking profile, such as Home Equity Credit Lines)2
    • 1099-A   Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property
    • 1099-C   Cancellation of Debt
    • 1099-DIV   Dividends and Distributions
    • 1099-INT   Interest Income
    • 1099-MISC   Miscellaneous Income
    • 1099-Q   Payment from Qualified Education Programs
    • 1099-R   Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement Plans, IRAs or Insurance Contracts
    • 5498-IRA   Contribution
    • 5498-ESA   Education Savings Account Contributions
  2. When are new tax documents available to view?

    eTax Documents are made available within Online Banking on or before the IRS required deadline. You’ll be notified by email when an eTax Document is available for viewing. Please see for applicable tax form deadlines.

  3. How many tax years are available online?

    eTax Documents are available online for the previous 3 tax years.

  4. Can I view eTax Documents?

    The Internal Revenue Service requires Zions Bank provide tax documents to account holders who meet the reporting thresholds as dictated by the IRS. For example, clients with interest-bearing checking accounts with an aggregate interest total lower than $10.00 won’t receive a tax statement.

    Note: Tax documents for a joint account are issued and reported to the IRS only under the Tax Identification Number of that account’s primary owner (as reflected in Zions Bank’s records). For security reasons, eTax Documents may be viewed only under that primary owner’s Online Banking profile.

    Business Account Customers

    • eTax Documents can be seen only by those users who have full entitlement to both view and transact for all accounts in the business’s Online Banking profile. Users with limited entitlements can’t view eTax Documents. Contact your Customer System Administrator (CSA) to update your entitlements.
    • If another customer’s accounts are linked to appear in a primary customer’s Online Banking profile, those linked accounts
      (a) will not be opted out of paper when the primary customer enrolls in eTax Documents
      (b) will not display eTax Documents in the primary customer’s Online Banking account.

    To opt out of paper tax documents the linked customer must enroll in the eTax Documents service separately and view eTax Documents by logging in under his/her own Online Banking profile.

  5. Will I continue to receive paper tax documents if I’ve enrolled for eTax Documents?

    Once you have enrolled in eTax Documents, all available tax documents will only be provided electronically thru Online Banking. Some tax documents aren’t available online and you’ll receive paper tax documents for those forms. To resume paper delivery, simply call Customer Service, send a secure message within Online Banking or send paper mail to 1875 South Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84104. You can also request a paper copy of any particular eTax Document by contacting customer service. Obtaining a paper copy won’t cancel your selection of opting out of regular paper delivery.

  6. How do I save or print my tax documents?

    To view and retain your eDocuments, you’ll need a current version of Adobe Reader and the ability to download (to your hard drive or other storage device) or print Adobe Reader files. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it at

    You can keep copies of your eDocuments for future reference by saving them to your computer in the PDF format, by clicking on “File” and then “Save As” in your browser or Adobe Reader window. For technical issues, simply call Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999.

  7. I have linked other accounts to my Online Banking profile. Will I see those tax forms?

    Enrollment for eTax Documents only applies to the Tax ID or Social Security Number (SSN) associated with the Online Banking profile. To access online tax documents for the Tax ID of “linked” business or personal accounts, log in under those customer profiles/logins.

    For example, if “Company A” has a Business Online Banking profile, and you’ve linked your personal accounts to Company A’s Business Online Banking profile, you’ll only be able to access the tax documents for “Company A” and not any personal tax documents. Personal tax documents will continue to be sent via paper unless you enroll in eTax Documents through your personal Online Banking profile. Even after personal enrollment, personal eTax Documents will only be displayed in your personal Online Banking and not in Company A’s Business Online Banking.

  8. Why can I see only some of the tax documents I’m expecting online?

    Only IRS forms are covered under the eTax Document service. Any state tax forms the Bank is required to furnish you are not available for electronic delivery. Paper versions of these forms will continue to be mailed to you through US mail.

    Tax forms for which Internal Revenue Service reporting thresholds are not met won’t be created, and won’t be available in Online Banking. (For example, checking account customers with aggregated interest amounts lower than $10.00 won’t receive a tax statement. Please see for the various form reporting thresholds.)

    Not all account types are eligible for eTax Documents, and not all IRS forms are supported by the eTax Documents service. Eligible account types and supported forms may change without prior notice. However, for any account or form that isn’t supported or no longer supported by the eTax Documents service, you’ll be mailed a paper tax document. And, for any account or form that becomes supported, you’ll receive an email notifying you when your tax document is available in Online Banking.

  9. Is there a fee for eTax Documents?

    No, there is no fee to receive electronic tax documents online. Nor is there a fee to cancel your eTax Documents service or to request a paper copy of a tax document.

  10. Can I print my online tax documents and submit them with my taxes?

    Yes. Online eTax Documents are official documents that can be submitted to the IRS for processing.

  11. I have a joint account; why can’t I access our tax documents online?

    Tax documents for a joint account are issued and reported to the IRS only under the Tax Identification Number (TIN) of that account’s primary owner (as reflected in Zions Bank’s records). For security reasons, eTax Documents can be viewed only under that primary owner’s Online Banking profile.

  12. Which business users are eligible to see eTax Documents?

    In Business Online Banking, only those users who have full entitlement to both view and transact in all accounts will be able to view eTax Documents in the business’s Online Banking profile. Users with limited entitlements can’t view eTax Documents. Contact your Company System Administrator (CSA) to make user entitlement updates.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question?

Contact a Zions Bank representative by phone (Mon. to Sat. from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sun. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. MT.).

For general customer service inquiries about bank products, please call 800-974-8800.

For specific Online Banking inquiries, call 800-840-4999.

Important Details
1. This list of IRS forms currently eligible for the eTax Documents service is subject to change without prior notice. Any type of IRS form that isn’t currently offered through the eTax Document service will be sent to you in paper form. If a type of IRS form is added to the eTax Documents service, you’ll receive notification when it posts to your Online Banking account.
2. If Zions Bank has contracted with another company to help service your mortgage loan, you’ll continue to be mailed paper 1098 Mortgage Statements. If that account later becomes eligible for eDocuments, you’ll receive notification when it posts to your Online Banking account.

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