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Financial Peace University

Join the thousands of families who have discovered how to increase savings, eliminate debt and build wealth.

We at Zions Bank are concerned about the burden of debt in our community. Consequently, we've created the Eliminate Needless Debt (END) Program. Our first class of participants in 2003 averaged saving $3,000 and paying off $7,100 in debt in 3 months. This success has been followed by more than 1,300 additional classes with similar results. The cornerstone of this program is Financial Peace University® - an exciting, life-changing personal finance course developed by financial advisor and radio personality Dave Ramsey®. Nationwide, it has been used successfully by more than 2,000,000 families.

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How does it work?

The END Program is comprised of four parts:

Part 1: Free Super Saving Seminar
The first step to eliminating needless debt is to establish an emergency fund savings account. This free one-hour seminar explains how to do it. Nationwide, people who apply what they learn from this seminar average $2,700 in added savings after only three months.

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Part 2: Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University®
This nine-week course teaches how to save money, reduce debt and create positive cash flow so you can build wealth. Each 90 minute class features an entertaining video lecture by Dave Ramsey followed by a group discussion.

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Part 3: $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings Account Drawing
Anyone who attends an END Program sponsored seminar or class is entered in a drawing for the chance to win a $1,000 deposited to a Zions Bank Affinity Money Market Account to use as an emergency fund savings account. Click here for contest rules.

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Part 4: Zions Bank Products and Services
Zions Bank has the products and services that you can use to grow savings, eliminate debt and build wealth. Achieving financial success is easier with help from Zions Bank.

What Results Can I Expect?

Since the Zions Bank's END Program began in 2003, nearly 45,000 people in Utah and Idaho have signed up for this great benefit. Nationwide, Financial Peace University®* participants have averaged lowering debts by $5,300 and increasing savings by $2,700 in three months. Click here for comments from people that have already completed this program through Zions Bank. Click here for long-term results from this program.

What does it cost?

Super Saving Seminars are free. According to a survey of people who finished previous Zions Bank sponsored classes, they would pay an average of $260 to attend the full course. The actual price is much less. There is a $99 tuition fee for the complete 9-week Financial Peace University course. This price is good for everyone in the household including teen-age children who can also benefit from this program.

How do i sign up?

Step one is to schedule or attend a free Super Saving Seminar. Zions Bank will provide this free seminar to groups of 15 households or more. Many people who attend these seminars choose to continue on with the full Financial Peace University course.

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* If you have previously purchased Financial Peace University® course material, you can attend at no cost.

Dave Ramsey® and Financial Peace University® are registered trademarks of Lampo Group, Inc., which is not affiliated with Zions Bank, and Zions Bank does not claim any ownership or exclusive rights to the use of these trademarks or make any warranties about products and services offered under or associated with such marks.

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