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  1. I am concerned about the time commitment of attending these classes for two hours a week for 13 weeks. What do previous participants have to say about this?

    "This is the best investment I've ever made for now and the future."
    "If your health, marriage and children are important to you, make this a priority."
    "I've seen results in just five weeks already. We never really had a plan before this. It's worth every second you are in the classes and so much more."
    "Nothing you do for the 2 hours each week for 13 weeks will be more beneficial to you than this. Besides, it is tons of fun!!"
    "For the first time I feel that I'm in control of my money and not wondering what happened to it. It's the best investment you will ever make in your life."
    "Do it! It's worth it!"

  2. What did previous participants say are the best reasons to take this course?

    "I am getting control of my finances and ultimately will be free of debt and financially secure."
    "You get support to do what you already know you need to do. It helps you and your spouse communicate better about finance."
    "Attending class is important because it motivates me to stick with it."
    "I'm learning why I need to save and assigning a name for every dollar spent."
    "I am learning a lot. There are a lot of good habits formed here."
    "To create freedom and a non-stressful life."

  3. What if I need to miss some classes due to vacations, etc.?

    The key to success with this program is making behavior changes that take time. That is why the course is 13 weeks long. While optimally you should try to attend all 13 classes, it is no problem to miss a class or two because all of the lessons are on an audio CD that comes with your course material. One of the main reasons for coming week after week is the accountability that comes with the group setting.

  4. Can I purchase the material for the course and do it on my own at my own pace?

    Yes, while the greatest success with this program has been with those using the classroom format, people can benefit from using the material on their own. To order individual home study material, or the online version of FPU, visit

  5. What is the added value from the Zions Bank END Program?

    Zions Bank has a wide selection of banking products that can help participants achieve their debt elimination goals faster and easier. If you have a goal of eliminating needless debt, we have the products to support you. Also the END Program is sponsoring a drawing for a $1,000 Emergency Fund savings account.

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