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December 2015 Financial Peace University Emergency Fund winner Laura Oppermann

December 2015 Winner:
Laura Oppermann of Logan, Utah

Laura Oppermann is congratulated by Logan/Pioneer Financial Center Manager Michael Guthrie and her FPU class coordinator Nibley City Manager David Zook

"Thank you very much Zions Bank for offering me and others like me such a valuable opportunity to learn important budget and money management skills. I have especially appreciated the discipline required to use cash and set up a clear budget according to what is actually in hand vs. credit available or theoretical expenses. I’m more confident and aware as I make wise decisions about allocating my hard-earned money to help my family feel secure."

Financial Peace University April 2015 grant winner Misty Ranere

May 2015 Winner:
Misty Ranere of Pocatello, Idaho

Misty Ranere is congratulated by Zions Bank Pocatello Financial Center Manager Mark McOmber

"Financial Peace University helped me become more disciplined by creating a budget instead of just making sure I have enough money to cover my bills. It’s now much easier to save money and to budget because the program forces you to see exactly how you’re spending every dollar."

END contest winners Joey and Kari Wood of Daybreak, Utah

December 2014 Winner:
Joey and Kari Wood of Daybreak, Utah

Joey and Kari Wood are congratulated by Zions Bank Broadway Financial Center Manager Jim Tustison

"Financial Peace University taught us everything we need to know about budgeting. Now we can be in control of our money and truly hope to live like no one else!"

Jordan and Kacey Close

May 2014 Winner:
Jordan and Kacey Close of Draper, Utah

Kacey and Jordan Close congratulated by Dave Ramsey and Zions Bank Financial Literacy Manager Don Milne

"Financial Peace University was a blessing for our family. The steps that we learned are not only blessing us but our extended family and friends who we continue to share this message with. We are grateful for Dave Ramsey and Zions Bank."

David Kehr and Walter Uzcategui

December 2013 Winner:
David Kehr of West Valley, Utah

David Kehr is congratulated by Zions Bank employee Walter Uzcategui

"I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take this class at such an early age. I'm fresh out of high school and putting myself through college. After taking this class I've set up a savings plan to pay for 50% of my student loans right after graduating. The principles learned from this class will be with me for the rest of my life."

May 2013 Winner:
Jill and Joe Leigh of Daybreak, Utah

Jill and Joe Leigh with Zions Bank’s Daybreak manager and FPU coordinator Stephanie Sherrell

"The steps we learned through Financial Peace University to get out of debt then to pay for everything with cash were so liberating! We’re able to live abundantly on much less than we thought and are so excited to be out of debt before year’s end. A big thanks to Dave Ramsey and to Zions Bank for facilitating this awesome training!"

Robert Ames, END Contest Winner

December 2012 Winner:
Robert Ames of Spanish Fork, Utah

Robert Ames is recognized as winning the $1,000 emergency fund savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Derrick Stoebe.

"Financial Peace University gave us a step by step plan to follow to get our finances under control. The budgeting information is amazing and really helped get my wife and I on the same page. Now it is exciting to go over our budget each month and decide together what our priorities are and work together to achieve them. The classes are fun and presented in a way that really hits home for anyone."

May 2012 Winner

May 2012 Winner:
Caroline Schmidt of Centerville, Utah

Caroline Schmidt, accompanied by fiancé Jason Kovacs, is congratulated by class coordinators Karina and David Penrod.

"I am just about to get married and FPU has already helped us to pay off half of our combined debt BEFORE we get married and we have even been able to put money into savings—something neither of us had even thought possible. We will be getting married with a lot less stress for our marriage because now we don’t only have significantly less debt, but we also have a plan for paying off our remaining debt. I know of too many marriages that ended due to financial problems and I very much believe FPU may have saved our marriage before it even began. Thank you FPU!"

December 2011 Winner:
John Foulger of Ogden, Utah
"I have really appreciated the opportunity to have been enrolled in the FPU. It has given me more insight on where I am financially and where I need to be. What a wonderful resource it has become for me in my goals of becoming debt-free. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!"

May 2011 Winner:
Cody and Caitlin Jones of Meridian, Idaho
"Financial Peace University® has brought peace to our marriage and family. It helped us realize what was more important for us financially. We had to make many sacrifices and put many things on hold. But now we are debt free and living like no one else."

December 2010 Winner:
Paul and Brook Jeffries of Sandy, Utah
"We enjoyed the Financial Peace University® and highly suggest it to anyone who wants to gain better understanding and control of their finances. The classes are well taught, fun to participate in, and the materials used are very helpful."

Jennifer and Phil Mendelson, END Contest Winners

May 2010 Winner:
Phil and Jennifer Mendelson of North Ogden, Utah
"We were living paycheck to paycheck, but in the first 8 weeks of the class, we have been able to save an emergency fund and pay off almost five thousand dollars worth of debt. We feel as if we have more money than we ever did, maybe because we know where it is and where it is going. If we can do it, ANYONE can."

Ron and Sandy Pippin, END Contest Winners

December 2009 Winner:
Ron and Sandy Pippin of North Ogden, Utah
"Making over $150,000 per year, and living paycheck to paycheck with all of our credit cards maxed out, we knew we had better do something. During this class we have been given the tools we need to take control of our finances and start to build wealth. Thanks to Dave Ramsey® and Zions Bank we are now on our path to financial peace." Ron and Sandy are pictured with Chantel Chase, manager of the Farmington Financial Center.

Dustin Halterman, END Contest Winner

May 2009 Winner:
Dustin Halterman of St George, Utah
Dustin is recognized as winning the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Mark Truman.

Jeff and Sarah Nedelkov, END Contest Winners

December 2008 Winner:
Jeff and Sarah Nedelkov of Roy, Utah
Winners attended Financial Peace University® at a class hosted by his employer, TriTel Networks.

Kami and Brent Jefferson, END Contest Winners

May 2008 Winner:
Kami and Brent Jefferson of Ogden, Utah
Kami and Brent Jefferson are winners of the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing.
"Financial Peace University® is not easy, but it really works if you follow what you learn."

Mark and Angela Nielsen, END Contest Winners

December 2007 Winner:
Mark and Angela Nielsen of Orem, Utah
Angela and Mark Nielsen are recognized as winners of the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Rex Goodwin.
"You should enroll in Financial Peace because what is taught works. And it works without putting the shackles on you. It has given us a solid plan for spending our money wisely."

Edward and Nancy Hollaway, END Contest Winners

May 2007 Winner:
Edward and Nancy Hollaway of New Plymouth, Idaho
Edward and Nancy Hollaway are recognized as winners of the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Julia Harrison.
"In the beginning I was not going to go due to having a budget and plans in place. Financial Peace reinforced what I am doing correctly, while also teaching me about things like retirement, real-estate, and investing. It also has opened some doors for my children and their children and how it can affect their lives as well. My five year old grandson is even learning to not use credit cards for his needs and gave up his play credit cards."

Leah Patton, END Contest Winner

December 2006 Winner:
Leah Patton of Payson, Utah
Leah Patton is recognized as the winner of the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Judy Burton.
"Financial Peace University® helped me understand the marketing ploys used against consumers. It helped me become an educated shopper. But the best tools I received were the budgeting spreadsheets. No longer am I spending blindly and then wondering where the money went. I really enjoyed Dave Ramsey's presentation's and excitement."

Matthew Smith, END Contest Winner

May 2006 Winner:
Matthew Smith of Salt Lake City, Utah
Matthew Smith is recognized as the winner of the $1,000 Emergency Fund Savings account drawing by Zions Bank employee Kevin Gill.
"I believe anyone could benefit from Financial Peace University®. If you follow the ’Baby Steps’ Dave Ramsey talks about, changes happen in your financial life. This information is so valuable, I wish I had known earlier in life the things Dave presents in ’Plain English’."


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