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  1. What is Dual Authorization?

    Dual Authorization (Dual Auth) is an internal security control tool that allows Business Online Banking customers to require certain types of activities and transactions to have a second user’s credentials approve a submitted transaction.

  2. What types of transactions can be covered by Dual Auth?

    All of these transaction types can be covered:

    • Internal Transfers
    • Transfers to a Friend account
    • Stop Payments
    • ACH Direct Deposits (when enrolled)
    • ACH Tax Payments (when enrolled)
    • Online Wire Payments (when enrolled)
    • User Entitlements—Requires at least 2 Company System Administrators (CSA’s)

    Note: Dual Authorization is not available for Bill Pay transactions at this time.

  3. Is Dual Auth required?

    Use of certain features may require use of Dual Auth or other security features such as Enhanced Account Protection. At this time, only enrollment in Online Wires requires the use of either one of these two security features.

  4. Does Dual Auth cost anything?

    No, this feature has no cost. However, certain products and features that may have costs or fees associated with them may require the use of Dual Auth or other security features such as Enhanced Account Protection.

  5. How does it work?

    With Dual Auth turned on, selected types of requested transactions or activities won’t be executed or take effect until a second user’s credentials are used to approve the item. The second user must be designated as an “Approver.”

    For example, User A creates a transfer request between 2 accounts. User B (previously designated as an Approver) would then log in to Online Banking and go to the Transfer Center. The transfer created by User A would show as “Pending Add Approval”. User B can then select that transfer request and either approve or deny the transfer request according to their business policies.


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