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How to cash in your change at Zions Bank


Coin Exchange FAQs

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  1. How do I cash in my coins at a Zions Bank® Financial Center?

    Zions Bank clients can cash in coins at any Financial Center. To do so, simply do one of the following.

    • Bring wrapped, rolled coins to any Financial Center for immediate credit. Paper coin wraps to roll loose coins are available to clients at any Financial Center.
    • Bring uncounted, bagged coins to any Financial Center and receive a receipt for each bag. Deposit bags are sent in for processing. And your uncounted, bagged coin deposit will post to your account in 3 to 6 days. Note: There is a $5 processing fee per bag. If youre processing more than $60, this fee is less than the standard percentage fee taken at coin-counting machines at many grocery stores.
  2. Im not a Zions Bank client, can I go to a Zions Bank Financial Center and exchange my coins?

    Coin deposits at Zions Bank Financial Center are reserved for Zions Bank account holders. Anyone whos not a current account holder is welcome to open an account with Zions Bank and take advantage of coin deposits.


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