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  1. What do I need to do for the rewards change to take effect on my account?

    Not a thing. The enhanced 3, 2, 1 rewards program will automatically be assigned to your account on February 1, 2017. Look for a breakout of your rewards earning by earn rate on your next billing statement.

  2. Will I still receive an Annual Bonus for my 2016 spending?

    Yes. Your final Annual Bonus will be awarded with your January 2017 monthly billing statement.

  3. Will there be any added cost for the enhanced rewards program?

    No. There’s no cost to you associated with the enhanced rewards program.

  4. Which Purchase types earn additional rewards?

    Qualifying purchases are those processed in the merchant categories listed below.

    3%/3x Categories:

    2%/2x Categories:

    Cellular Services

    MCC 4814


    MCC 3000 3299

    Internet Services

    MCC 4816

    Vehicle Rentals

    MCC 3300 3499

    Office Supplies

    MCC 5943 and 5111


    Cable TV

    MCC 4899


    MCC 4812

  5. Will I lose any of my existing rewards balance?

    No. Your current rewards balance won’t be affected. Future Cash Back or AmaZing Rewards® Points will be added to your existing rewards balance.

  6. What if I want to opt out of the new rewards program?

    While we understand changes can be disconcerting, we built the enhanced rewards program to deliver increased value, clarity and simplicity, so the new rewards structure will be an attractive upgrade for everyone. Effective February 1, 2017, the old rewards program will no longer be available.

  7. Why is this change being made?

    Based on customer feedback, we wanted to enhance our current Business Credit Card rewards offerings to provide a simple earn structure that delivers even more value.

  8. Will the redemption process change?

    No. The process for redeeming Cash Back or Points won’t change.

  9. How will my rewards program change?

    For AmaZing Cash® Back:
    We have changed and added to the list of Enhanced Earn Purchase types, while increasing your earn rate from 2% to 3% in select categories. See question #4 for a full list of Enhanced Earn Purchases.

    For AmaZing Rewards® Points:
    Instead of the once-annual AmaZing Rewards points bonus, cardholders will earn 3x and 2x rewards points in select purchase categories, awarded each month when statements cut. See question #4 for a full list of Enhanced Earn Purchases.

  10. Is there a limit to the amount of Cash Back or Points I can earn?

    For both the AmaZing Cash® for Business and AmaZing Rewards for Business programs, Enhanced Earn rates will be awarded on Net Purchases in qualifying categories up to $150,000 combined spending per calendar year. For example, if you spend $100,000 in 3%/3x categories and $100,000 in 2%/2x categories, totaling $200,000, only the first $150,000 will qualify for the Enhanced Earn rates. The remaining $50,000 will earn the standard 1%/1x.


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