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Zions Bank Employee Testimonials

“We have the best people in banking—real bankers who are well trained and have the authority to make decisions without forcing clients to call a 1-800 number.”
—LeeAnne, Executive Vice President, Retail Banking, Salt Lake City, UT

“Not only am I committed to Zions, Zions is committed to me. I was hired as an administrative assistant less than 4 years ago. I’ve experienced tremendous professional growth. I originally took my 'job,' thinking it would be suitable for the time. Little did I know, my 'job' would allow for so much growth, not only in my position, but eventually with a promotion.”
—Cara, Financial Analyst, Salt Lake City, UT

“It is nice to work for an organization that takes time to recognize the human side.”
—Mark, Financial Center Manager Pocatello, ID

“I left Zions after 4 years to pursue a business venture. While the business was financially successful, time with my family dwindled. Returning to Zions provided me with the opportunity to put solid time and effort into a good day's work and have a balanced family life too.”
—Dan, Vice President, RE Lending, Midvale, UT

“The reason I like working for Zions is because they have a great professional atmosphere. Zions bank has given me opportunities to grow and has really helped build my career.”
—James, Teller, Salt Lake City, UT

“The best part of working for the bank is the reputation it has in the market. You can't go a day without seeing Zions support something in the community.”
—Bruce, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, Salt Lake City, UT

“It’s refreshing to see the enthusiasm of our leaders and the passion they have for what they do. They’re dedicated to the community, the bank and the employees and their excitement is infectious.”
—David, Officer Candidate, Nampa, ID

“Zions Bank lets me have work-life balance. I love my job to the point that it sometimes I wonder if I’m working or playing. My job makes me happy to get out of bed every morning. Some live in fear or dread of going to work, but for me, work is another day in my own paradise”
—Josie, Customer Service Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

“I enjoy working for Zions Bank because of the ethical standards shown by the bank’s executives and employees and for Zions Bank's commitment to the best customer service in the industry.”
—Ryan, Financial Center Manager, Salt Lake City, UT

“Zions Bank is great at rewarding employees with bonuses for a job well done. The Bonus Program is unlimited.”
—Diane, Teller, Blackfoot, ID

“Working for Zions Bank is an opportunity to be a part of one of the best, most established companies in the country. They’re committed to community involvement and great business and banking. There’s true satisfaction in being part of an industry leader.”
—Brett, Business Analyst, Online Web Support, Midvale, UT

“I spend so much of my day with coworkers that they’ve become a second family of sorts. And as with all families, cooperation and respect go hand-in-hand. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by dedicated hard-working individuals. I’m proud and honored to be part of the Zions Bank family.”
—Michelle, Loan Specialist, Boise, ID

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