Speaking on Business: Snackdash

Snackdash is a snack delivery company that offers everything from the most popular snack items to toiletries and office supplies.

Chris Redgrave May 10, 2019

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Who doesn’t like snacks? It’s estimated that 94 percent of people living in the United States consume one or more snacks today, according to Food Safety magazine, and that’s one reason Eric Higginson’s snack delivery company Snackdash is growing exponentially. He launched his snack delivery business in 2008, and they now have over 3,500 items on their app, with a delivery area to businesses from Utah County to the Idaho border.

Snackdash has everything from the most popular snack items to toiletries and office supplies. They also have contracts with Pepsi and Coca-Cola, so they can supply soda at a decent price. To order, just download the app, and select what you want. If Snackdash doesn’t have it, Eric says they’re willing to stock it, anything to make sure their customers are taken care of. They’re continually adding items and now offer fresh fruits. If your order is in by 3 p.m., it’ll be delivered the next business day. They do home delivery for business executives.

One of Eric’s favorite things about his business is being in service to his customers. The team makes daily trips to many retail outlets to purchase snack items in bulk and Eric plans to expand Snackdash across the U.S., especially as they follow their clients.

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