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Rawtopia is a fusion of Lebanese and West African dishes with a menu that is mostly vegan but also caters to omnivores.

Chris Redgrave Apr 26, 2019

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Omar Abou-Ismail was inspired to start his restaurant, Rawtopia, because he discovered the health benefits of eating a more natural diet while supporting sustainable organic agriculture. He believed so strongly in his new business that he borrowed $5,000 from his brother-in-law and launched Rawtopia in 2005. It’s so successful it recently moved into an expanded facility in Millcreek with a staff of 20.

Rawtopia is a fusion of Lebanese and West African dishes. The menu is mostly vegan but also caters to omnivores with wild meats like bison and salmon now offered. The raw foods are incorporated into the creative bowls Omar makes at Rawtopia, and once people experience the freshness and flavors of the food, that changes everything, so education is an important part of what they do. You can try stir fry, curries, wraps, falafel and soups. There’s also fish tacos made with wild cod and stuffed mushrooms that are highly popular.

Omar came by his vocation naturally because his mom, Jinan, is a chef too; in fact, she’s the head chef at Mazza. After coming to the U.S., she worked for a Lebanese restaurant in Washington, D.C. for years, later joining Omar in Utah, where he was attending the U of U. So, she developed many of the unique spice blends and daily specials served at Rawtopia.

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