Speaking on Business: Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World is a drive-thru wildlife park spanning 120 acres where you can see wildlife.

Chris Redgrave May 17, 2019

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

As a kid, Mike Ferguson took many family vacations to Yellowstone National Park, and he remembers how every visit included animal sightings, especially bears, which made a huge impression. Although Yellowstone remains one of the top 10 most visited national parks in the country, it’s less common to see a bear. He wanted to recreate the experience, so, with his son, Courtney, they launched Yellowstone Bear World 21 years ago.

This is a drive-thru wildlife park spanning 120 acres where you can see wildlife native to the area that you may not see in nature, like bears, elk, deer and moose. All animals are in exhibits visitors can drive through as many times as they want. In fact, for a more personal experience, there’s Wildlife Excursions, or guided bus tours with staff members giving in-depth information about each animal, plus you can feed the animals, including the bears, from the truck.

Hands down, the most popular attraction at Yellowstone Bear World are the six bear cubs. You can watch these energetic babies at play or, three times a day, bottle feed the cubs. In addition to driving through the park, there’s a petting zoo, an observation deck, roller coasters and train rides. With these activities, some people spend the day. Yellowstone Bear World opens this weekend.

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Yellowstone Bear World
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