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LedgerGurus is providing outsourced finance and accounting services.

Chris Redgrave Jan 18, 2019

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Brittany Brown comes from an impressive accounting background with both a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Accountancy from BYU, not to mention working with Squire and KPMG, some of the major players in public accounting firms. In 2014, she founded LedgerGurus and convinced her husband, Stephen, to be her business partner. Their business model is to hire people with accounting degrees who want a meaningful career they can do from home. They have approximately 40 employees and hire up to 4 per quarter.

It was never Brittany’s goal to be an entrepreneur; however, after she saw a need to help small businesses with accounting work and create a flexible work environment for people to keep their skills sharp, she founded LedgerGurus. This American Fork company is providing outsourced finance and accounting services, from basic bookkeeping to being the CFO. In 3 years, they’ve hit the goal many businesses have, reaching $1 million in revenue from working with over 100 customers.

The specialty for LedgerGurus is e-commerce businesses which require more specialization. Brittany says they’re technology-focused and love finding ways to use technology to automate processes to provide more accurate data in a shorter time. This is a very relationship-focused business, and their strategy is to develop long-term partnerships with clients because of their high-quality of work.

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