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Blackrock Geoscience was created to perform geothermal exploration and development projects.

Chris Redgrave Jan 4, 2019

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Geothermal is one of the most common renewable energy sources used to generate electricity, and the International Energy Agency is predicting annual growth of almost 5 percent for the next 5 years. As a researcher and developer of geothermal energy with her business, Blackrock Geoscience, Lisa Safford-Kuscu has been instrumental in discovering and implementing geothermal energy sources worldwide with a goal of having a positive impact on climate change.

Blackrock Geoscience, headquartered in Pocatello, was created to perform geothermal exploration and development projects. They go to areas known for geothermal resources and conduct testing to determine the possibility for utilizing these resources to put power on the grid, like taking the resource to generate electricity or for geothermal heating.

Lisa loves her work and with her team which includes a geologist and an engineer, has methods to determine if the geothermal resource exists, how extensive it is and how best to utilize it. Blackrock Geoscience has explored and discovered geothermal resources around the world and sometimes this requires deep digging, like a project in California where they will drill 4,000 feet to characterize the deep geothermal reservoir. Even when working on such deep wells, the team disrupts only a small part of the land, and the goal is to create a sustainable and clean source of baseload energy.

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