Speaking on Business: Caffe Molise

Caffe Molise is a Salt Lake City classic that offers fine Italian dining.

Chris Redgrave Feb 15, 2019

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Moving a well-established business can be risky. However, it’s worked out beautifully for Caffe Molise (moe-lee-say) which opened in its new location at 404 S West Temple last September and has been highly successful for owners Fred Moesinger, the executive chef, and his wife, Aimee Sterling. This Italian restaurant is a Salt Lake City classic, after being in operation since 1993, and the new location has created opportunities for expansion and hosting more significant events, like wedding rehearsal dinners, holiday events and corporate parties.

The new location has put Caffe Molise closer to many of Salt Lake City’s top hotels, increasing tourism business. This historical building has been around since 1916 and went through several different businesses before a significant remodel in the early 90s. When Fred and Aimee discovered the property, they knew it was perfect new home for Caffe Molise, after a three-year search.

Caffe Molise is named after a region in Italy known for having hearty foods, like polenta, lasagna, sausage and pasta dishes, which this restaurant is famous for. One of the most popular is the Pollo (poy-yoh) Alla (all-uh) Gretella (gru-tell-uh), a marinated grilled chicken breast served over tomato sauce or the Papperdelle al Sugo, which comes in a slow-simmered tomato sauce with beef and pork, and is a hit with customers. As for dessert, the chocolate hazelnut mousse cake is a do not miss.

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Caffe Molise
404 S West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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