Speaking on Business: Watterson Plastic Surgery

Watterson Plastic Surgery offers cosmetic and restorative plastic surgery procedures.

Chris Redgrave Apr 12, 2019

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Dr. Paul Watterson of Watterson Plastic Surgery says his greatest success as a plastic surgeon is helping patients feel good about themselves. In the beginning, Dr. Watterson spent a year in Australia doing a fellowship with the person who did the very first tissue transplant, which has given him deeper understanding of the complex and delicate work of plastic surgery procedures.

After a highly-successful practice in North Carolina for 28 years with a team of top-notch plastic surgeons, Dr. Watterson of Watterson Plastic Surgery wanted to be closer to his Utah family and moved back home to open his Draper practice a year ago. He has embraced the expertise of being part of the team at Premier Plastic Surgeons of Utah because he stays current with medical trends through the influence of up and coming doctors. His commitment and experience was developed further after spending a week serving in the Dominican Republic, providing restorative procedures for people without access to quality medical care.

Dr. Watterson is passionate about what he does at Watterson Plastic Surgery and feels an important part of his job is understanding the patient’s need then creating a natural, beautiful look. He has found great satisfaction in completing cosmetic and restorative surgeries and enjoys seeing the hope it gives his patients once surgery is complete.

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Watterson Plastic Surgery
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