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Ivory Homes, has left a delible mark in Utah as the No. 1 homebuilder for the last 30 years.

Chris Redgrave Aug 31, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

Clark Ivory, president and CEO of Ivory Homes, has left a delible mark in Utah as the No. 1 homebuilder for the last 30 years. They anticipate closing on 1,100 homes this year. A critical focus for Ivory is housing affordability, which is a national issue. According to the Gardener Policy Institute, for the past 26 years, the average annual increase in housing prices has been 5.7 percent, fourth highest increase in the nation.

Housing affordability is such an important initiative for Ivory Homes they’re working with partners in government, academia and the private sector to find innovative solutions. For example, the entrepreneurial competition called Hack-A-House, kicking off tomorrow. The program will be giving recognition for the best proposed solution based on construction and design, regulatory reform and innovation.

To keep up with trends and fit with market needs, Ivory Homes continues to innovate by providing housing options, like smaller lots, cottages and townhomes. Not to mention expanding on their 3,000 plus apartments. They’re also looking at mixed-use development sites, like the previous Cottonwood Mall.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary as No. 1 homebuilder and contributing to Utah’s leadership position in housing affordability, Ivory Homes is gifting and planting 30,000 trees for the public and Ivory Homes communities across the state.

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For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave, speaking on business.

Ivory Homes
978 Woodoak Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

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