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AeroBarrier is a water-based solution that acts like a non-toxic liquid caulk and helps seal your home from air leaks.

Chris Redgrave Sep 14, 2018

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Buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This has led to impressive increases in green building practices. In fact, the green building sector continues to double every three years! Tiffany and Mitchell Spence are contributing to this growth in an important way with their new business AeroBarrier.

Homes are leaky and one of the fastest and easiest ways to decrease energy costs is to seal those leaks. AeroBarrier is a water-based solution that acts like a non-toxic liquid caulk. Tiffany and Mitchell bring in a big fan connected to a computer, which is used to identify leaks in your home. Once they know where the leaks are, the fan sprays the solution onto the leaks, and it seals instantly without leaving residue on the walls or windows, and as the homeowner, you decide how air tight you want your home to be.

AeroBarrier is the first contractor in the country to offer and install this product, named as the Most Innovative Building Product of the Year. It can be used on any home, no matter its age. Since introducing AeroBarrier to the Utah market last spring, Tiffany says business has taken off.

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