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Perspective Approach offers a tactical leadership course designed to help develop leaders.

Chris Redgrave Oct 19, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

It was during his time in the military, since he joined the Marines at 17, that Joshua Adams learned how to be a leader. He was rapidly promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, earning the nickname “Gunny”, and commanded tens of thousands in the battlefield while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. After being medically retired due to combat injuries in 2014, he returned to civilian life but felt drawn to train leaders with principles he learned during his military service, so he founded his company Perspective Approach.

Perspective Approach offers a tactical leadership course designed to help develop leaders so they can improve the performance of their organizations. This includes better discipline, building structure, creating programs and improved training. Joshua says these principles and practices are proven and vetted in a curriculum for the Marines, and nobody trains like the Marines.

Perspective Approach intends this training for executives of large companies, small business owners or those looking to advance in their career. It’s done through a full-day leadership course, half-day workshops at the client’s business, motivational training and through a selected collection of videos. Joshua measures his success at Perspective Approach by the significant revenue increases clients experience following his training.

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