Speaking on Business: Pawhill Pet Spaw

Pawhill Pet Spaw is known for their grooming services for small and large dogs.

Chris Redgrave Sep 28, 2018

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

It’s a story you’ve heard a million times before. You hit a certain age and discover you don’t know what profession to do. For Steph Richardson, it happened when she was young, and she always knew she loved animals after growing up on her family’s farm in Southern Idaho. That’s when it dawned on her — she wanted to be a dog groomer. Now 10 plus years later, she’s the owner of Pawhill Pet Spaw in Salt Lake City.

Pawhill Pet Spaw is known for their grooming services for small and large dogs, from bathing, teeth brushing and nail trimming to full cuts and styles. Steph isn’t a fan of kenneling dogs because she’s seen how much anxiety it can create. So, all dogs who visit Pawhill can roam, play and socialize with other dogs. Stephanie has found this decreases her clients’ stress level, so the pups go home happy and tired from a day of play with their buddies while also looking great.

The word is out and Pawhill Pet Spaw books up fast. Steph can usually get your dog in within a couple weeks. Their quality of work speaks for itself with loyal customers who have been coming to Pawhill for years.

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Pawhill Pet Spaw
1450 Foothill Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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